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The #1 pancake maker

Hello My name is Dirk Okhuijsen

I am the creator of the pancakerevolution machine(s).

WHY did i thought it was necessary to find a better way to make pancakes?
Well, i worked for many years as a pancake chef in my Dutch catering business.
Every week we attended a few parties and weddings to make freshly baked pancakes. Also we sold pancakes at leisure parcs.
And here it went wrong.

One day, on a very hot day i was working at a vacation parc with about 120 guests. I had 6 burners and 6 heavy pans to make the pancakes.
I made 158 pancakes in 52 minutes for the guests.
These panakes were the real thing.
A Dutch pancake is 30 cm in diameter and we serve them with bacon,
cheese oniuns mushrooms, you get the picture.

After the job, me and my assistent packed up to go home.
The sun was still strong and the temperature outside was over 30 degrees celcius. Our truck had no airconditioning, and i felt bad becouse of the heat.
I normally never feel bad with heat, i actually like the heat.

Once i was home, i took a shower to cool down.
I got a nose bleed that wouldn`t stop.

So i was thinking……. This is not healthy.
There must be a better way to do these pancake jobs.

My first attempt was a big grill with a thick steel baking plate.
It worked. Now i could make almost 300 pancakes in one hour without hard labour.

I poured the wet batter on the plate, and once dry i flipped it with a big scoop.
But stil…. there was a lot of heat from the grill.

I found the Neumaerker Crêpes machine.
This looked promising so i started to experiment.

The first pancake that came out was pale white, and hard as glass.
Hmmmm…. i thought i knew about pancake recipes?
It took me almost 6 months to make a good pancake recipe for this machine.
Now this pancakemix had to go into production at one of our mixing companies.
Together with their food specialists we found ways to improve the pancake recipe even further, and voila… Easy pancakes was born.
Easy pancakes was our first step introduced to our clients in The Netherlands.

After two years of operation with easy-pancakes in the Netherlands
it is time to go international.

In september 2020 we allready have sold this concept/machines to;
Netherlands Germany Belgium Luxemburg Spain Lithouania Romania and Portugal.

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