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Pancake menu suggestions
Are you looking for menu inspirations?
Look at our menu advise;

Plain Pancake 3,50
With sugar and or stroop

Children pancake 4,00
with sweets sugar and or stroop

Pancake Nutella 6,50

Pancake Amsterdam 11,90
Bacon and Cheese

Pancake Monschau 12,95
Bacon Apple sausage

Pancake London 14,50
Bacon Onions Mushrooms Tomato

Pancake New York 14,25
Blueberries Mascarpone Maple Syrup

Pancake Brussels 9,90
Warm Cherries cinnamon sugar Choclat sause and whipped cream

Pancake Roma 14,95
Salami Cheese Mozarella Tomatoes Salad

Pancake Bonjour 13,85
Salat Goatcheese or Brie Walnut Mutarde

Pancake Asian Spicy Chicken 14,90
Red Cabbage Hot Chicken Chilli Paksoi Cashew

For desert or lunch with a cup of coffee;

Pancake Applepie 9,95
Apple applesause Raisins Cinnamon whipped cream

These are only examples you are free to use.
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